libtomcrypt 1.18.0 RC3

Hello everybody,

we just created the third Release Candidate of libtomcrypt 1.18.

[crypt-1.18.0-rc3.tar.xz] [tar.xz.asc]

[] [zip.asc]

And again we had some smaller API changes…

Here’s the list with the biggest changes since RC2, the changes that are left out were pure cosmetics.

  • found out that OCBv3 was implemented according to draft-2 of the standard and fixed it to be RFC compliant (that’s one API change)
  • fixed the DSA timing when building for TFM (as TFM is still fixed size, the default configuration can’t be used to do PK crypto with 4kbit sized keys)
  • fixed a build issue where the wrong endianness was detected with gcc-arm-none-eabi-5_4-2016q3
  • Larry Bugbee improved and made it Python3 compatible
  • improved constants and sizes demos
  • improved the
  • really fixed docs generation with TeX Live 2017
  • make test and make timing can now also be built without an MPI provider
  • added a makefile target help (only available in makefile and makefile.shared)

Again, if you’re having issues with the RC3 you know where to report: [ML] or [GitHub].


Karel & Steffen