LibTomCrypt 1.18.2 xzxz.asc zipzip.asc 2018-07-02
LibTomMath 1.3.0 xzxz.asc zipzip.asc 2024-03-27
TomsFastMath 0.13.1 xzxz.asc zipzip.asc 2017-04-04
LibTomPoly 0.04 bz2bz2.asc zipzip.asc 2004-05-06
LibTomFloat 0.02 bz2bz2.asc zipzip.asc 2004-06-21


This website is back, and libtom has found new maintainers. More maintainers are welcome, please contact me if you are interested.

Welcome to the LibTom Projects home here at LibTom Projects are open source libraries written in portable C under a permissive license. The libraries supports a variety of cryptographic and algebraic primitives designed to enable developers and students to pursue the field of cryptography much more efficiently. Currently the projects consist of three prominent libraries (LibTomCrypt, LibTomMath and TomsFastMath) which form the bulk of the source contributions.

Along with the source contributions, the LibTom projects also aim to serve an educational capacity. The libraries are very well commented, with clear and concise source. The code itself tells quite a story for those interested in learning how modern cryptography ticks. However, they would not be complete without the massive amount of documentation that accompanies the projects. Currently there are over 600 pages of LibTom Project documentation spread throughout the five projects.

All LibTom Projects are either under WTFPL or The Unlicense and free for all purposes. Not only to make the code accessible for other open source projects, as well as small startups that can’t afford expensive libraries. They are also free to enable people to reach further with the source without having to hold onto a legacy license. If future developments lead to LGPL, MIT, BSD, or even proprietary projects then we have accomplished something useful with the LibTom Projects.

Throughout the development we’re using the following services, thanks for your free plans.

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