libtomcrypt 1.18.0 RC4

Hello everybody,

we just created the fourth (and hopefully last) Release Candidate of libtomcrypt 1.18.

[crypt-1.18.0-rc4.tar.xz] [tar.xz.asc]

[] [zip.asc]

Here’s the list with the biggest changes since RC3.

  • RSA and DSA pass now all the tests provided by Google’s “Wycheproof” and Kudelski Security’s “CDF”
  • Andrew Janke provided some fixes targeting builds on Mac OS
  • improved the validation of DSA keys
  • fixed bugs in ChaCha and GCM where we wouldn’t enforce that there’s an IV set
  • fixed some minor issues in tests&demos
  • where possible we changed all appearances of char* to const char*
  • finished the documentation (proof readers are still welcome :) )

Yep we had again some smaller API changes, but I think it’s worth it as const char* is the correct data type for all these parameters/struct members.

The “Wycheproof” and “CDF” tests aren’t directly implemented in the library, but they’re tested via Karel’s [perl-CryptX]. You should really have a look at it.

To make RSA and DSA pass these tests we had to change the behavior of der_decode_sequence(). The new behavior is that der_decode_sequence() is stricter on the validation of the length of the input. Before it was possible to successfully decode parts of a sequence, this isn’t possible anymore.

Again, if you’re having issues with the RC4 you know where to report: [ML] or [GitHub].


Karel & Steffen