Les Nouvelles

Haven’t heard from h1kari in a bit. Arrg. I hope my cheque actually makes it to him. Other news, I’ve been playing a piece by Robert Starer called Pink for a while. It was actually one of my level 7 piano pieces from when I was a punkager (~16 years old). Oddly enough, even though I’m only playing level 3 pieces now I still can play this one. If you’ve never heard it before (which wouldn’t surprise me) it’s a really neat piece. Changes from 2/4 to 3/4 time all over the place, and there is a lot of tonality changes (harmonic to melodic). Weee. Fun piece to play. Getting a bit bored with the level 3 pieces I have now. I think in a week or two I’ll be moving on to new pieces. Larry has stepped up his Python wrapper project since I put up that copy on the site. Hopefully some readers out there also use Python and can help Larry polish up his project. Oh yeah, my UK trip is up in 23 days. Look forward to kicking it back with my posse from Widnes, oy! represent! Also the release cycle should be happening this weekend for LTC/TFM/LTM. The math libraries will be released first, LTC requires documentation and testing and may not be released the same day. Anyways to sum up, waiting on h1kari to get back to me, piano going well, check out Larry’s scripts, yeah UK, and look out for new releases. Peace