Got another donation via paypal, alltogether that makes about $500 CAD raised so far. I’m still offering the stipend, even though the cheque is coming back to me. If Toorcon can’t accept the donation I’ll find another venue for the funds. On the piano front, my teacher thought it was cool that I was branching out playing other pieces (the Robert Starer piece, gave me a puzzled look when she noticed it was a level 7 piece asking me why I was starting at level 3), also finished a 2nd study (started a third this week). All in all, piano is going well. I think the decision to start low again was a smart one though. Playing level 3 pieces gives me a good chance to really re-learn the technique (this week: start learning the damn pedals) and get music back on the brain before getting on the hard songs that would otherwise just frustrate me. Mmm la joie de vie! In 20 days I take off for the UK. Wee. 6 days after that moi et Simon vont visiter Paris pour un soir. Christophe Devine va rencontre nous a l’aeroport. Spending your birthday in Paris with some friends: Priceless. No LTC release this weekend. Sorry folks. Soon. So to recap: yeah money, boo David, yeah piano, yeah trip, oui France!, and boo tom for being lazy with the LTC release. Peace