Moving on up

Finished off the song “The Song Of Twilight” with a “um, it’s perfect” reaction from the teacher. w00h00. Still working on my last study and list B piece. They’re basically finished except for performance polishing (e.g. notes/dynamics are good just need to get it sounding 100%). In the mean time I’ve grabbed the level 4 books and have started a list A piece as well as a study (should be finished level 3 entirely next week). Also getting my Starer book back next week. I had it re-bound with a spiral binding so I can lay the book flat and play the pieces properly :-). Since the Starer book goes from what I can tell as ~level 4 to associates level in difficulty I hope to pick a few pieces per level to compliment what I’m doing from the RCM series. Ok, so LTC 1.17 is really past due. My bad. I’ve been away for a few weeks and the rest of the time I’m either out with my peeps or playing the piano. If I recall correctly there is still documentation work to do, and the testing cycle. Anyone seriously hurting for the changes can request a work-in-progress tarball. C’est tout. Salut mes amis.