Pi in the Sky!

Happy Pi day (3/14/07 for us North Americans). So that study I started this week, already got it hands-together by memory. I’m still goofing some of the chords and I don’t have the dynamics yet, but not bad for only a couple days at my level. w00t. I am becoming one with the piano. I picked up some sheet music for some pop music (coldplay, McLachlan, etc). Apparently I’m not quite that good yet. Though I agree with the people who say they’re bad songs for lessons. Most are in C major and don’t have a lot of accents/trills/grace notes. Still fun to mess around with. Gonna stick to the conservatory pieces for now. Ok rambling… sorry. Not much going on in the Tom world aside from music. My UK trip is ever getting closer, w00t. Really looking forward to just laying back for two weeks. Should be a hoot. Salut mes amis.