So yeah, still no LTC update, shut up. It’ll happen when I’m damn well ready to work on it. Yeah, I said it, damn, damn damn damn. Ok I’ve not lost my mind. Just really annoyed that this stupid release is looming, and I decided to go on hiatus before it was done. Stupid sense of responsiblilityitie. Anyways. Finished me level 3 pieces. Gonna keep playing them though so I’m a laugh at a party. Got a new list B for level 4 to start which looks hard (of course they all look hard until you put them hands together). Also pretty much finished that “When She Loved Me” song by Sarah McLachlan. Not a hard piece, but got some nice rythm to it. So anywho, I don’t know when LTC will be released, though by virtue of being a nutcase I haven’t received an email about it in, well forever. So I’m mostly writing this for my own benefit, see if I can pinpoint the moment I went totally insane. It was now, no, now!, no now!, no, NOW!! hehehehe. Oh yeah, also working on staying on the caffeine wagon, which is one of the stupider drugs to be addicted to. Doesn’t sound as hardcore as heroin or meth or something. But still a pain in the head nonetheless. Rambling aside, yeah it’s May. La Paix.