libtomcrypt 1.18.0 RC1

Hey folks,

we just created the first Release Candidate of libtomcrypt 1.18, which should be feature complete.

[crypt-1.18.0-rc1.tar.xz] [tar.xz.asc]

[] [zip.asc]

There are no further API changes or additions planned.

The only open points are now updates to the documentation to reflect the current state of implementation. If you feel like you want to contribute something, feel free to take up an item from [1].

A complete short summary of the changes since 1.17 isn’t really possible as it’s now ~ 1100 commits away…

The most important changes/additions are:

  • added a new stream cipher type
  • added Camellia (block cipher), ChaCha20 (stream cipher), SHA3 (hash), Blake2b & Blake2s (hash&mac), Poly1305 (mac), ChaCha20Poly1305 & OCB3 (encauth)
  • added HKDF, openssl-compliant PKCS#5, …
  • brought back Diffie-Hellman
  • made DSA key generation (mostly) FIPS compliant
  • and most importantly: AFAWK we didn’t break the API (yet…)

… to have a complete view of the changes, have a look at the ‘changes’ file in the tar-ball.

If you’re having issues with the RC1 feel free to report this via the ML [2] or via a Github issue [3].

If you didn’t notice yet, we’re now testing all changes in most configuration options via a huge build matrix on Travis-CI [4] with libtommath as well as tomsfastmath, c.f. travis.yml:35..36.

As our builds currently expand to around 5 hours of total build time, we were very pleased that the travis team extended our free plan to 10 build jobs so we have a result already after less than 40 minutes.

To be able to test the RC1 with libtommath and/or tomsfastmath, please make sure to get an up-to-date version of the math library.

As there are no up-to-date versions in the default repositories of Ubuntu we started to provide our own builds of tomsfastmath via packagecloud [5]. The packagecloud team also extended our plan for free, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to finish the RC1 in time.


Karel & Steffen