libtomcrypt 1.18.0 RC2

Hello everybody,

we just created the second Release Candidate of libtomcrypt 1.18.

[crypt-1.18.0-rc2.tar.xz] [tar.xz.asc]

[] [zip.asc]

Well, the plan to not change the API didn’t hold, but it’s only minor and now more in-line with what we already added.

Here’s the list with the biggest changes since RC1, the changes that are left out were pure cosmetics.

  • fixed docs generation with TeX Live 2017
  • fixed the default make-target of makefile and makefile.shared (oops)
  • fixed some scenarios where the build could fail because of wrongly ordered includes
  • added an uninstall make-target
  • improved the GCM API by some potential use-cases
  • updated the API of dh_set_key() and dsa_set_key()

Again, if you’re having issues with the RC2 you know where to report: [ML] or [GitHub].

I received the question which versions of libtommath and/or tomsfastmath are at least required to be able to build the RC with MPI providers:

  • libtommath - v0.42.0
  • tomsfastmath (static library) - v0.13.0
  • tomsfastmath (shared library) - current develop [tfm/develop] or newer


Karel & Steffen